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It seems like only yesterday that Ace Frehley released his last solo album, “Trouble Walkin’”. OK, maybe in Jupiter days. It’s actually about 7,300 earth years, almost twenty years ago exactly since Ace graced us with some new tunes. Was it worth the wait? Depends on what standards are employed obviously, but “Anomaly” is a really cool listen with great guitar work including a sprinkling of instrumentals and an obligatory cover, which he likes to include in his releases. This time it’s a spirited interpretation of the Sweet classic “Fox On The Run”. Sweet, indeed. Meatloaf’s daughter, Pearl Aday adds her considerable talents to the festivities. Frehley offers several songs rhyming with his first name. You’ve got your Animal Planet Ace with “Space Bear”, the pick him out of a crowd Ace with “Too Many Faces” and the celestial Ace with the album’s first single, “Outer Space”. Also included on the CD is the third piece of a trilogy started long ago beginning with “Fractured Mirror”, followed by “Fractured Too” and now completed with “Fractured Quantum”, the epic final track on “Anomoly”.

Good news for long time Frehley followers, most will not only cite his album “Ace Frehley” as their favorite of the four albums released simultaneously by each member of Kiss back in 1978, but as their favorite of his solo albums and of those with Frehley’s Comet as well. It’s a welcome development because before recording “Anomaly” he listened to that eponymous album as inspiration. You can hear it too, certainly nothing sounds the same, but the driving spirit is absolutely unmistakable. The vibe, the attitude and the musicianship are all on regal display. No tour plans have been revealed at this point, but you can follow the information stream at AceFrehley.com While Frehley has no plans to serve leftovers to any of us, there were several songs that didn’t properly fit the mood of “Anomaly” and will serve as the springboard for a follow up album, but he promises it won’t be another seventy-three hundred day wait this time around. Frehley has plenty to celebrate these days, a new album, three years away from the life-force draining effect of alcohol and drugs and his first foray into the world of Pro-Tools, all landmark events for the storied guitarist. How many players today wanted to be like Ace many years ago? Rhetorical for sure, but perhaps it’s the beginning of another wave of players who want to emulate the stylish guitar slinger.

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Waktu saya lakukan investigasi weleh kayak polisi aja, ternyata foto bugil Marshanda kali ini adalah foto asli bukan hasil rekayasa seseorang yang iseng. Karena foto-foto ini benar-benar diambil saat Marshanda sedang berenang dengan kawan-kawannya yang juga bugil. Kalau yang telanjang adalah Tiara Lestari Playboy sih tidak kaget, karena memang dia suka telanjang saat difoto, tapi ini adalah Marshanda yang selama ini dikenal sebagai bintang alim, sebab dalam sinetron yang dibintanginya saat dia masih menjadi bintang cilik selalu memerankan sebagai tokoh yang baik hati.

Benarkah Marshanda termasuk kategori artis bugil? wah kalau ini silahkan anda nilai sendiri karena saya tidak mau menuduh seseorang secara subyektif. Yang jelas foto marshanda bugil seperti yang ada dibawah ini merupakan kenyataan bahwa memang foto marshanda bugil itu ada. Dibawah inilah foto-foto bugil Marshanda.

marshanda bugil

Foto-foto Marshanda bugil lainnya dikemas lebih kecil dibawah ini:

Marshanda Bugil 1Marshanda Bugil 2Marshanda Bugil 3Marshanda Bugil 4Marshanda Bugil 5Marshanda Bugil 6

Hanya foto-foto diatas yang berani saya tampilkan dalam kasus foto marshanda bugil ini karena kuatir kena sangsi UU anti pornografi dan pornoaksi, bisa-bisa masuk penjara kan gak lucu.

intan ayu

Foto Hot Intan Ayu

Since controversy Puteri Indonesia is worn swimming suit or bikini in Miss Universe event, many people have the opinion of each. It's a pro, but there is also the place level-if such is not necessary, followed by Indonesia, which still respects the traditional orient. Even so, Intan Ayu holds if the event Miss Universe and Miss World are still needed to convince the world about the culture and also security in the country.

"Still need to do to me. First, there may be some things that can be the face of Indonesia. Tasks they (and Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia) is more to tourism, to name a foreign country. Furthermore, Indonesia is currently a lot of problems," said Intan Ayu.

Intan Ayu
Intan Ayu Pamer Belahan Dada

Intan Ayu telanjang

Intan Ayu bugil

"Thus, the presence of Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia or to bring out the name of Indonesia. I give a little influence," Intan Ayu said.

Matter of controversy bikini, pesinetron this adolescent does not want to blame who. But if the rules committee of the Miss Universe has been applied as such, he felt it only fair.

"Apparel is a pool to show their bodies right? In addition to inner beauty, also must be shown outside the proportionally. From outside they must also be interesting, skins, all kinds. According to me personally should not be the problem," Intan Ayu explained.

Intan Ayu telanjang bugil
Foto Hot Intan Ayu

foto telanjang Intan Ayu

foto bugil Intan Ayu

Intan Ayu also feel proud to know when the representative of Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar, can sit in third position in the polls Miss Universe. "For over 15 most of this. If it had been three that have been extraordinary. We should be assessing, not only from the dress. I must be fixed eyes and looked," he said.

"Yes, as long as participants feel comfortable, he does not reduce the trust, and know how to bring two piece, it will look OK," augment him again.

Catherine Sharon Gasnier was also known by Catherine Sharon or Cathy is a VJ MTV Indonesia and also an actress. Cathy have some Franch Blood from her family also mix from manado and tionghoa. She really cute and sexy girl, but on tv she sometime be rather little shy, i dont know for sure. She is also the sister of Julia Estelle You can check her Biodata, profile, picture Catherine Sharon or image below :

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